A man made drug made to destroy human lives

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Crack cocaine is a man made drug made to destroy human lives! It is highly addictive and the effects of taking it are that it speeds up your heart beat and it also stops you from feeling hungry, so after a short period of time dramatic weight loss is visible and it is obvious to see the person is a user of crack cocaine.

Some people don’t book crack as ‘really bad” but from experience I can say I truly believe it is the devils drug! It is extremely addictive so after one blast on a pipe you are likely to want more and more, until eventually you are chasing it day and night. You also can end up doing things you wouldn’t usually do to raise money for your habit.

Although crack cocaine is not physically addictive, it is extremely psychologically addictive, leading to lowness in mood and feeling pretty rough when going without. The strength of crack cocaine depends on the strength of the cocaine used, although recent surveys show that on average the purity of street crack cocaine is only 23%, so your running round like an headless chicken chasing this sweet white stuff,  apparently called crack and only 23% of it is actually cocaine.

Young girls are selling their bodies to support their habit, leaving them feeling worthless. They put themselves in dangerous environments and risk their health in many ways. They meet the scum of the world and get to know all the dark and dingey places, and if their parents don’t stick by them then they are likely to carry on using and living this life style as they will have no support system.

So yes crack cocaine is a man made drug made to destroy human lives, it separates families, can cause diseases and heart attacks but most importantly it causes heartache. So you’ve got the nack, steer clear from crack!