Australian gamer dies of marijuana overdose

Geelong: A university student has died at his parent’s home of an apparent marijuana overdose.  

This is the first case like this recorded in Australia and will surely spark huge concern about the health of the nation’s youth. 

Jonathan Grundy was an exemplary student and talented footie player according to his uncle, Peter Pollard.

“He was a great kid, I am surprised he got mixed up with drugs, I reckon it was all those lefty pinko artist types he met at university in Melbourne, we are all happy with a stubby in Geelong”

He was found slumped into a half eaten pizza, joystick still in hand. He had been playing World of Warcraft and taking hits from a bong. 

Anti-drug campaigner Barry Trottelmann told us “Cannabis is known to be a killer, the active ingredient THC fuses the synapses in the brain and the victims simply forget to breath, this is what is known as monging out” 

When asked for comment, Robert Smith of the Bogan Liberation Front, a political party fighting for an independent bogan homeland in South Australia said:

“Dangerous drugs like cannabis kill hundreds of young Australians every year and prevent many others reaching their full potential as sports men  through the way that it encourages metrosexual activity“


I would really like sources on this one, I have never in my life, heard or read any text claiming that one can die from smoking too much cannabis.

Wikipedia claims that it has never happened before so this must be the first ever.

Furthermore the wikipedia article states that to OD "1500 pounds (680 kilograms) of cannabis would have to be smoked within 14 minutes."


>Wikipedia claims that it has never happened before so this must be the first ever.

It's propaganda against cannabis. Amazingly, even the Australian government says so.

"There have been no deaths recorded as a result of cannabis intoxication."


Is satire really counted as propaganda?

There are several reasons this article is full of bull.  1)The brain centers (hind brain) that are responsible for breathing have NO cannabinoid receptors.  Therefore it is impossible to "forget" to breath while under the influence of pot. 2) THC does not "fuse" to synapses. It activates Cannabinoid receptors, but these are not in the synapse, nor are they all over the brain. Fusing to these receptors has no direct effect on the synapse. 3) It is nearly impossible to OD on marijuana. 4) No source - I don't believe this actually happened.  I think this is a BS story written by someone who was too dumb to realize it would be seen as fake. and 5) Barry Trottelmann does not seem to exist.  If he does exist he has no credentials and probably shouldn't be talking about such complex things as drugs and synapses.

Where is my source you ask? Lets start with my credentials - I'm a doctoral candidate in a clinical psychology graduate program. I have a few publications on alcohol and cognition - while this isn't marijuana research it certainly shows that I now my brain chemistry. And finally a solid source: Buzzed: The straight facts about the most used and abused drugs. by Kuhn, swartzwelder, and Wilson.

As a friend pointed out: the author may be f'in with everyone... I certainly hope so.  If that is the case... you're a decent troll.

I know this guy Jungle Dave, he is proper joker :)

Well, for a doctoral candidate, your grammar is pretty awful... Hopefully you "now" how to spell. And there have been deaths related to marijuana, just not directly. Indirect (death because high) is just as bad as direct (death because of OD). According to you, not a single person has died in a motor vehicle accident while under the influence of marijuana. I'm all for marihuana in moderation, but, please get your facts straight?

You're as full of shit as the author of this article.
The fact you gave this article even half a seconds glance proves you're far to stupid to be a studying Psychologist.

My Source:
Dis Nigga actually b studyin 2 become a Psychiatrist.

My verdict, legalize pot and give it to all the kiddies.


Anyone who believes this article is a tool.

Is this for real? I haven't heard about anyone who died from marijuana overdose. You can smoke until you get sick or fall asleep, but it is impossible to die by smoking too much marijuana in a session, perhaps you can die through lung cancer but not by being overdosed. This never happened in history, the amount of marijuana needed to overdose is very huge, you even have to be rich to smoke it all.

FYI: Trottelmann translates into moron man in german. Maybe one reason for ahm - something...

I strongly repudiate this article in the strongest possible terms. It is nothing but Australian propaganda against the cannabis plant.

In over 40 years (41 to be exact) of campaigning for cannabis legalisation, I have NEVER read an article stating that ANYONE has died from using cannabis.

The bottom line of this article is that this person died from GAMING - probably due to an excessive amount of time playing these computer games. He is not the first person to die from gaming and probably will not be the last, unfortunately. My condolences to his family.

I believe hardly anything that comes out of Australia. Have a look at the government web site and read for yourself the medically undocumented lies that the Australian government spills into the minds of its citizens.

About the only honest thing that Oz gov says about cannabis is this:

(page 8)

"There have been no deaths recorded as a result of cannabis intoxication."

Jayelle Farmer, Legalise Cannabis International

I think not.  No where in this article appears a report from a Coroner.  Making the leap to a Marijuana death is beyond presumptuous.  That young man could have died from any number of causes. I want to see the official autopsy report. 

" Barry Trottelmann told us “Cannabis is known to be a killer, the active ingredient THC fuses the synapses in the brain and the victims simply forget to breath, this is what is known as monging out” "  Never in my almost 30 years of Marijuana knowledge, and people associated with it, have I ever heard of such a thing.  

Robert Smith of the Bogan Liberation Front~ "“Dangerous drugs like cannabis kill hundreds of young Australians every year and prevent many others reaching their full potential as sports men  through the way that it encourages metrosexual activity“

Mr. Trottelmann, Mr. Smith,  put proof where your mouth is.

Furthermore, both of you should be ashamed of yourselves for spewing such conjecture. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are genuinely helped through Marijuana.  Are you insinuating that all these people are wrong?  There are dozens upon dozens upon dozens of scientific reports extolling the useful and meaningful virtues of this herb. Are you insinuating that all these scientists are wrong? That they are lying?  To what end?

Mr. Trottelmann, Mr. Smith, I can back up my statements, can you back up yours?

I think this jungle_dave guy knows the facts here. He obviously is very torn up about the death of this pothead and he has a right to with hold information of an autopsy report, or maybe you know he doesn't 3 years later I have for one have heard of only this one "report" of a death supposedly caused by weed.
Make marijuana illegal-2013!

Jungle Dave,

Your story is glaringly one sided. You have no autopsy report or opposing views.  Why is this?

Глаза боятся, а ноги делают, аж пятки сверкают.
Я всеядный, я все пью.
Эгоист - это человек, любящий себя больше, чем других эгоистов...
В дурной голове «тараканы» не свежие.
Чем старше жена археолога, тем больше она ему нравится.
Деньги пахнут: маленькие - потом, а большие - кровью.

please ... what a load of rubbish ... probably synthetic rubbish INCORRECTLY call Fake Cannabis ..... where are the real FACTS ... breathing problems are a fundammental problem in young people because of PC and TV games .. lifestyles and inactivety ... please dont say the GUN kills people .. wake the hell up

well thats where you are wrong. because guns do kill people. i have lots of proof too so dont argue it. guns kill!

There *still* has never been a single recorded cannabis fatality in history...

There are, however, sadly, desperate bloggers so misguided and so ethically challenged that they will post misinformation just for the pageviews.

Shame on you.

darn, and by clicking through just to join in the comment party, i've fallen into his dastardly plot. Ah well, i've got adblocker, he's making nothing from my eyeballs at least.

Ummmm... wrong sir. I'm all for marijuana, but there have been PLENTY of cannabis related fatalities. While marijuana was not the initial cause of death, if a person is under the influence of marijuana at the time of the fatal incident, then the incident does indeed become a cannabis related fatality.

nobody died from cannabis lolol. such a retard if you think they did. on the other hand, people have died while playing WOW. some people will play it for days with no sleep, and they die. its not uncommon. so if this kid was real and did die then it was gaming that killed him. not weeed

i just checked this barry trottle.. guy out. he doesnt exist. and this story is from 2012

This is impossible, its time for them people to have a brain check.

What a hoax! No one ever died from cannabis!

sooooooo i woke up the other daaaaaaaaaay and said you no what mate i wanna smoke some cannabis so guess what i didint i smoked weed.

see bru i would never do drugs aye lad but the other day i was like im sick of being clean so i jumped into a puddle of mud that is my story for the day

DRUGS ARE BAD KIDS, DRUGS ARE BAD AND THATS WHY I DO THEM CAUSE IM REBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Don't do drugs kiddies!

The autor of this artikle is so stupid .... Go in the school and learn . Stupid man

Utter crap and gutless propaganda that is.not funny if meant to be.. the idiot probably had seizure from gaming! Idiotic whoever wrote this .. idiots will believe

well i am a gamer,smoker and pizza lover. at not one point in my game have i fell asleep from smoking. eather the kid was useing more then they are letting on or there was a underlying medical problem already. It is also know that most WOW players can play for over 48 hours no sleep maybe he just needed a nap. and 3rd WOW does't use a joystick just saying :)

who ever wrote this load of crap I applaud you.
please for the enjoyment of everyone with half a brain write more this is like a star wars book, there is no truth in what you are writing about, there is probably more truth in the bogan homeland in south australia than the death of this kid dying at all



Sounds like something you would see on

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