Prostitution and crack in the Bronx

“The Yard Blues” is a documentary on prostitution, crack, motherhood and survival. The stories gathered in this reportage describe one specific link between gender, sex and drugs. Women, who throughout their lives develop a drug addiction and a homeless lifestyle, turn to prostitution to pay for their habit. At times they can’t even justify this choice to themselves. But crack keeps them calm and provides moments of relax and prostitution, despite the risk of being raped, of STDs and HIV transmission, is a way to go forward, a profession at times taught by an aunt or a friend or a way to find a boyfriend.  The cycle however does not follow a straight line: how prostitution, sex, motherhood and drugs become entangled in one or more life stories, is something worth investigating. 

To view the second part click here.


I lived on the street I was involved with prostitutes them via my friends I just know how what it feels hunger and I was on crystal meth I've been clean and dry for 25 years ago lot of volunteer work talking to prostitutes

if you need somebody to listen to you call Rick(617)-327-5845 if you live in Boston Talk to me

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