Undercover video shows gunmen terrorising town

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A chilling video covertly filmed by Mexican security forces shows the freedom under which drug cartel gunmen operate in Mexico. The footage that was filmed over a period of 90 minutes clearly shows a large group of heavily armed men arriving in the small town of Creel, Chihuahua.  The video shows how at around 5.30am a convoy of vehicles arrives at a junction on the main road of the town. Men in bulletproof vests who are carrying high powered rifles get out of the vehicles and the driver of one car distributes a white powder presumably cocaine. When more vehicles arrive they proceed to close off the road and stop and terrorise the drivers of vehicles passing through the town. As more men arrive a group of about eight gunmen run across a field and surround a large house with military precision. Reports are still unclear but some suggest that 7 members of the family living in that house including a 14 year old boy were killed when the gunmen opened fire inside.

The most alarming aspect of this footage is that despite the police covertly filming the events unfolding they are still powerless to intervene. No elements of the Mexican security forces are seen in this video and all the armed men in this video – estimated at about 40 – are guns for hire paid for by the illegal drugs market. Instead the police, presumably outgunned and unable to call for reinforcements, sit and watch while an innocent family are gunned down.