A youth correctional facility in the USA accused of serious breach of human rights


Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility is accused of being in serious breach of the human rights, in a court case being brought against those responsible for running the facility.  Walnut Grove is charged with youth incarceration as part of the legal and correctional apparatus of the state of Mississippi, 

The federal suit claims that guards in the complex routinely fail the inmates on a number of counts which directly affect the health and well being of the youths.  Staff are accused of allowing fights to continue, personally beating up inmates who’s ages range from 13-22, which are the least of the charges.  More seriously staff are accused of engaging in sexual behavior with inmates and on occasion supplying drugs to those in the facility.

Managed by umbrella company: “The GEO group inc.” the facility is accused of being in its current state due to the heavy incentive to cut costs in the pursuit of profits. The case claims that at times one guard was in charge of watching over as many as sixty individuals.  Rather than correcting behavior or helping inmates, the majority of whom are in the facility for non-violent crimes, it would suggest that the facility is corrupting or potentially further damaging youth in its care.  

The facility gets around $1000 a month for each inmate which translates to $14 million in taxpayer money when the 1,200 capacity is considered.  The US has seen its prison populations balloon in recent years, and the emergence of questionable detention facilities such as Supermax prisons, which specialize in solitary confinement, has lead to many questioning the rational of incarceration without adequate reintegration or education programs.

Many adults within the prison system in the USA are there for drug offences, and the implication raised by the case in Mississippi does not bode well for the future of the youths interned within.  The attitude of, lock them away and throw away the key, which prevails in the USA appears to have extended into the realm of youth incarceration and would appear to be a symptom of the disjointed state of US law enforcement.