Addict's rise to fame in Greece's latest video viral

Andreas, an unemployed addict from the city of Pyrgos in the Peloponnese has rapidly risen to fame in the past few months after an interview with a TV channel was broadcast locally and then uploaded on YouTube.

Delivered with an unmistakeable addict's swagger the dialogue between Andreas and the reporter goes as follows:

Andreas: I shoot the channel… I cannot get work.
Reporter: Are you unemployed now?
A: I am unemployed… meanwhile, I go crazy when I cannot cater for my kids' needs… meanwhile, a bishop went on TV yesterday… and yeah, well, you know… priests have the most children… but they can cater for them… people die, people get resurrected, but I…
R: How long have you been unemployed?
A: About 8 years…
R: Eight years unemployed?
A: Yeah, with four children.

In recent weeks, Andreas' fame has made him the subject of a psychedelic trance remix (, as well as encouraging local youths to tease and film him on their mobiles, when all he wanted is to be left in peace (