Facebook is being criticised for alcohol advertisement

This article is about the connection between Facebook and alcohol advertising.



According to a study by the Institute on Global Drug Policy and Practice (http://www.globaldrugpolicy.org/3/3/1.php), there is too much advertisement related to alcohol promotion on Facebook. It is the largest social network on the Internet with more than 250 million active users. Using Facebook you can keep in contact with your friends and live a virtual life without the need to speak to or listen to other people in real life.



Moreover Facebook is a great opportunity for corporations to advertise commercial advice. Through the main features of Facebook (Ads, Pages, Applications, Events and Groups) the youth can easily come in contact with alcohol advertising, says the study. The danger to expose the youth generation to alcohol advertising is rapidly increasing.



In a world dominated by appearance, the new marketing is focused on the creation of sentiments and feelings. Most of the alcohol advertisement gives bad messages in order to create a false consciousness in the minds of people. Drinking is also connected to a particular way of being as well as the pleasurable effects of euphoria and the loss of inhibitions.



The promotion of alcohol on the internet must be controlled by a filter that helps to reduce the negative impact on minors and younger generations. Facebook should ban the promotion of alcohol.

Even though alcohol is legal, it is not right that it is promoted by advertising. Alcohol is a drug and people should be free to decide if they want to use it or not. Alcohol use is strictly connected with advertisement. But is it right to favour alcohol use through advertisement? Is drug use not a free choice? 



The main users of Facebook are young people and using this social network to advertise alcohol is neither moral nor socially useful.

The new technologies can be utilized for the public good and not for the interests of private corporations?

The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice writes: "We offer recommendations for both Facebook and the alcohol industry to remove paid ads and other types of content promoting alcohol products and dangerous drinking behaviors in order to protect youth and young adults from the harmful effects of alcohol advertising".