Alcohol defeats Polish football team

In the interview given to "Dziennik" newspaper, Jan de Zeeuw, director of Polish national team says that team is not going to the World Cup in South Africa 2010 because the players were spending too much time drinking and partying between games and on training camps.

He also says that binge-drinking problem exists in Polish football for long time, what Zbigniew Boniek (legendary national team coach from'70s) confirms.

In Jan de Zeeuw's opinion, the only way to prevent players from overusing alcohol is to set the guards next to every door in hotels in which players are leaving on training camp and abroad games, so they cannot sneak at night and go to party.

Celtic Glasgow goalkeeper, Artur "Holy Goalie" Boruc is pointed as on who ecourage other to drink and is abusing alcohol most often. Just few days ago he has been removed from the national team-  many commentators says that it was caused by his heavy drinking.

Only in 2008 drunk players of Polish national team started 2 serious fights- one with police, which came for request of hotel quest, tho cannot stand 12 hours party and another one with tabloid photographer, who tried to take pictures of one of the players in the night club.