Australian gamer dies of marijuana overdose

Geelong: A university student has died at his parent’s home of an apparent marijuana overdose.  

This is the first case like this recorded in Australia and will surely spark huge concern about the health of the nation’s youth. 

Jonathan Grundy was an exemplary student and talented footie player according to his uncle, Peter Pollard.

“He was a great kid, I am surprised he got mixed up with drugs, I reckon it was all those lefty pinko artist types he met at university in Melbourne, we are all happy with a stubby in Geelong”

He was found slumped into a half eaten pizza, joystick still in hand. He had been playing World of Warcraft and taking hits from a bong. 

Anti-drug campaigner Barry Trottelmann told us “Cannabis is known to be a killer, the active ingredient THC fuses the synapses in the brain and the victims simply forget to breath, this is what is known as monging out” 

When asked for comment, Robert Smith of the Bogan Liberation Front, a political party fighting for an independent bogan homeland in South Australia said:

“Dangerous drugs like cannabis kill hundreds of young Australians every year and prevent many others reaching their full potential as sports men  through the way that it encourages metrosexual activity“