Guest blogs

The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition is an independent civil society network of organizations and individuals working to improve Canada’s drug policies.
Drugs in Motion: New perspectives aims to provide a new space to openly and clearly discuss the drugs phenomenon from a youth perspective.
The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) provides legal aid service for vulnerable populations, such as drug users, psychiatric patients and people living with HIV/AIDS in addition to its drug policy reform activities.
IDPC is a global network of 118 NGOs and professional networks that focus on issues related to drug production, trafficking and use. IDPC promotes objective and open debate on the effectiveness, direction and content of drug policies at the national and international level, and supports evidence-based policies that are effective at reducing drug-related harm.
Youth RISE is a youth led network promoting evidence based drug policies and harm reduction strategies with the involvement of young people who use drugs and are affected by drug policies.