Buying Drugs Online

Has the international drug trade gone completely commercial? During an undercover research mission I tried to find out. 

While browsing the internet I came across Jagger Jacob's enticing profile on the Middle East B2B Directory. Jagger had placed the following ad:

Frist of all we will like to introduce ourselve as one of the best Importer of All Kinds of phamaceutical products here in UNITED KINGDOM. such as: Cocaine, oxycontin, Viagra, Oxycodone, Mdma, ephedrine hcl, Lsd, Xanax, Barbiturates, Weed, Herion, Speed, Katamine, Nimetazepam, Morphine Sulphate, Alprazolam, Purple Kush, Sustanon, Amphetamines, Mathamphetamine, Marijuana, Valium, Hydrocodone, Analgesics, Testosterone, Flunitrazepam, Librium E.T.C 

We are looking for capable buyer from any where in the world to contact us for more information about quotation price list. 


We are regularly Selling: oxycodone, morphine sulphate, amphetamines, katamine, lsd, cocaine, mdma, oxycontin, xanax.

Was this actually possible? Could I buy almost any drug through the internet? One usually expects to find online Viagra, but Jagger was taking this game to another level. I had to find out more. Using the completely secure Hushmail to maintain my anonymity, I decided to contact Jagger about his unbelieveable offer. Jagger, who then became James, responded thus:


Date & Time: 2010-01-25 16:18:00

Sender: Jagger Jacob, Jagger Jacob

Subject: kindly let us know the items of your interest



Thanks for your mail and content were dully noted with understanding, 

We are a major seller Of pharmaceutical products and chemical products. Our products include the basic Hard drugs Such as, oxycontin, lsd, mathamphetamine, ephedrine hcl, Morphine and Hydrocodone, flunitrazepam, alprazolam, morphine sulphate, nimetazepam , mdma, meth, cocaine, weed, oxycodone, heroin, Valium, speed, xanax, Purplekush, viagra, ketamine, and so on. 

We can provide you with high quality and competitive prices, and have established good ruputation with our clients. If you are interested on any of the above kindly let us know the item as to enable us to quote you prices 





I was impressed! James is all business. I wanted to contact some of his previous clients so I could establish for certain his good ruputation, but his reply wasn't so reassuring:

Date & Time: 2010-01-29 14:34:42

Sender: Jagger Jacob, Jagger Jacob

Subject: business



Dear Jay Peters, 

Thanks for your mail and content were dully noted with understanding,we can not give you any infomation of our clients because we don't know whether you are a PLOICY MAN or not that is the reason while i will not give it to you OK. 

If you are interested to do business with us , kindly let us know the item of your interest as to enable us to quote you our best price list. 






Based soley on my gut feeling, I decided to trust James and continue with my research. He seemed trustworthy enough and I really wanted to know how competitive his prices actually were.

Date & Time: 2010-01-29 16:16:31

Sender: Jagger Jacob, Jagger Jacob




Dear Jay Peters, 

thanks for your request and we hope to build a strong business relationship.below is your requested price list,method of shipping and payment. 


Cocaine 99% Purity................................. @ per KG £ 11000 

Ketamine Crystal Powder ....................... @ per KG £ 9900 

For the Heroin i dont right away , Hope to hear from you soonest along with your Order and your shipping address as well as we are shipping from Spain or Benin 

method of Shipping: 

1) We send goods by UPS or fedex courier service,they are being chosen for the following reasons: 

A: Fast delivery with 2-3 days 

B: Safe to be sent as gift, fast Custom clearance 

C: Convenience: door to door delivery 

2) they provide tracking number that You can be using in checking your order status through website. 


we receive payment through western union or moneygram and we ship immediately we receive your payment and give you the tracking number. 

Await for your mail. For more security purpose, you can email to our private box: (

Thanks and wait your response.

Looks like James is gearing up to outsell the competition. In my next entry James and I will discuss the best strategy for avoiding customs and how to make peace with the mafia.