Cannabis use in the Real World

Before going to university I had spent the occasional evening smoking and playing video games, but I was in no way regularly smoking cannabis.  That all changed when I went to university, throughout a BA and an MA I smoked every evening and most weekends.  

Now I wish to dispel some common myths about smoking cannabis before I continue.  Firstly I am aware of very few people of my age group who have not at least tried it once, and am aware of many more who would regularly partake.  

I missed fewer than ten lectures throughout my courses, never handed a piece of work in late or asked for forms to excuse absences.  This is more than can be said for many of my friends who spent their evenings drinking a more socially acceptable ridiculous amount of alcohol.  

I had one rule; which was never to smoke before midday, and I never did.  Usually I would smoke only one or two spliffs of an evening, and seldom smoked on my own.  I also worked throughout my time at university and during five years cancelled only one day due to a bad back

Now I do not wish to condone cannabis use outright.  I have one friend who wakes up in the morning already looking for her smoking materials.  She gets cranky when she can’t smoke, not because of any physical dependance, because it hardly exists, but because she is used to being stoned 24/7 and felt that she was not herself without a smoking token of her being.

Furthermore I would probably have been more involved in other means of entertainment had I not thought staying in with a pizza a film and spliff was all that was needed for a decent night in.  Having said that I was not a social recluse either, and was able to make many friends and do many things throughout my time at university.  

And the cost you ask, not to your health but your pocket? No more than £15 a week which in comparison to a few pints is negligible.  

Since leaving university I have not smoked once, from one day to the next. For me it was not hard and I hardly think about evenings buzzing whilst waiting for a pizza.  As I stated above this should not be seen as condoning cannabis use, but should be taken as reflection of the reality of its use in our time; whether the right wing press likes this picture or not.