Cerebral Palsy and Medical Marijuana

This video is taken from the documentary ‘In Pot we Trust’ which looks at the issue of the medical benefits of marijuana and offers a range of medical, social and political views regarding medical marijuana.

It follows the story of Jacqueline Patterson, a woman who suffers from cerebral palsy, a disability that causes permanent disorders of the development of movement, posture and speech.

Jacqueline Patterson explains that this disability makes her stigmatized and vulnerable to humiliation.

The medicine that relieves her pain and makes her feel better is marijuana. Jacqueline uses it as a treatment and as she says, smoking marijuana helps her being a good mother, as her pain is reduced, her muscles more relaxed, her speech improved and generally she feels much calmer than before.

The aim of this video is to show the positive effects of medical marijuana and to demonstrate the impact that it can have in improving not just health, but lives.