CND 55th session underway

The 55th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs is underway in Vienna and like last year a CND blog is providing up to date news from within the annual meeting. The CND annual meetings are often very secretive in that there is no webcast and limited reports of what goes on inside the meetings. The CND blog is a project run by IDPC in partnership with YouthRise and aims to provide coverage from within the meeting.

The commission on narcotic drugs is the main policy-making body within the UN. The commission influences control policy and can amend the schedules whilst the INCB has the enforcement power. Apart from that the CND is the governing body of the UNODC drug program it approves the budget for the drug control program.

Day 1 starts with the formalities of adopting the agenda followed by two round table discussions about counter-narcotic efforts and measures to prevent ‘diversion of substances frequently used in the manufacture of narcotic drugs’. Day 2 focuses on Policy directives and the implementation of the international drug control treaties. Day 3 and 4 is about finding ways of implementing a plan of action to counter World Drug Issues. Finally day 5 is adopting the report of the commission and creating the provisional agenda for the 56 session.

You can view the blog here the agenda can be viewed here.