Cocaine Unwrapped UK Screening

“Cocaine Unwrapped” is a documentary which in essence tries to capture the complete picture of cocaine, it examines the path of cocaine and tries to capture the impact of the trade with personal accounts from a multitude of people. As Ari Rosmarin said in her review of ‘Cocaine Unwrapped’ the documentary is unique as it “departs from the conventional drugs documentary approach by focusing on the impact on those at the beginning of supply chain: Latin American farmers, communities, and families.” As well as focusing on those at the start of the supply chain the documentary features numerous interviews including interviews with both the Bolivian and Ecuadorian presidents.

There will be two preview screenings of ‘Cocaine Unwrapped’ in the coming weeks. Firstly on the 1st of November at Picturehouse at Fact Liverpool (6pm) and on the 10th of November in London at the Stratford East Picturehouse (8.30pm) including a directors Q&A after the screening.