Deaths in custody in Italy for drug crime

Recently Italian justice has lost much of its credibility. Stefano Cucchi, a 31 year old Italian man, was arrested by Italian police for possession of a modest quantity of drugs. After a week in prison, he died in mysterious circumstances, but the terrible photos that show his battered body give us no doubt that the cause was a violent beating. Who is responsible for his absurd death?

This is not the first case in which people arrested for crimes related drugs have died in custody. A few years ago a respectable carpenter, Aldo Bianzino, died after being arrested for growing two small marijuana plants. He was beaten in prison by police and still today the Italian State has not responded to his son’s demand for justice and there have been scant investigations and no arrests.

It’s important to join our efforts to support a new drug policy aimed to reduce harm in society and to treat drug users as human beings. The prohibition is responsible for other incredible acts of violence towards drug users by members of the police and other government organisations. Stefano Frapporti, Alberto Mercuriali, Giuseppe Ales, Roberto Pregnolato, Marco Ciuffreda are only the most recent cases.

Please don’t forget these people killed by prohibition in Italy. I’ve created a new group on Facebook called “Morti di proibizionismo”. It’s open to everyone who wants to help me spread the knowledge and consciousness about consequences of prohibition.

Drug users have human rights and have the right to be protected by the law. Not to risk death by coming into contact with the police through the possession of inconsequential amounts of illicit drugs.

Please join the group and invite your friends to do so as well. See the link at

Thank you
Luca Stefenelli