Dodgy drugs in Ibiza

There have been reports of prescription medicines being sold in Ibiza’s super clubs by dealers claiming that they are selling ecstacy. Phenothiazine a drug often given to help with the nausea of chemotherapy is being sold to unsuspecting clubbers. The side effects of Penthazine, brand named Penthazine, are powerful and they are unlikely to help the inhibited clubbers dance in anything but a slightly queasy classic central European waddle in their best American Apparel garments.

Some clubbers have complained of being sold MDMA powder when they thought they were buying cocaine. A group of bureaucrats from Brussels who were in Ibiza on a stag weekend, “We came here to behave like total cocks, we planned to be coked off our heads, instead we have been wandering round all loved up, the whole trip has been ruined”.

This is one of the worst excesses of Ibiza’s dangerous drugs market were unscrupulous profiteers take advantage of the notorious party island’s reputation for excess selling all sorts of pills and powders to consumers from all over the globe.  A leading futures trader working in London for a major international bank told us, “I come here a few times a year to party for the weekend, everything is here for you and there is no trouble with the Spanish police, not for somebody like me at least”

The police seemed to be more concerned about public safety than clamping down on the trade in illicit drugs. Which stops many high flying professional from risking arrest for their drug consumption but doesn’t prevent all sorts of dangerous substances being taken by them in a totally unregulated market.

“It is generally safer to buy your drugs from the street dealers than those in the clubs” said Gerry from Swindon told us, “the dealers in the clubs are looked after by the bouncers and can sell you any old shit.

As we were leaving San Antonio we watched an African migrant being bundled into a police van, an officer told us “he was selling drugs”.

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