Doing drugs

Is there a safe way to do drugs? Well there are harm reduction methods for users of illicit drugs. Illicit drugs such as heroine, for example, you should never share the same syringe. There are organisations that hand out clean syringes these are known as needle exchange groups.

Harm reduction looks at reducing health risks when doing drugs, reducing the harm to your environment and community, HIV, overdose prevention, safer injection practice, hepatitis B and C viruses, the injection of crack cocaine and groin injecting.

If you are a user or a loved one of someone that is using, it is always good to educate yourself on surrounding issues. You never know when you could come in handy. You could save a life, prevent them catching diseases and viruses and generally make sure they are safe when they are using. It is also important that you use a condom if your partner is an intravenous user.

If someone is using heroine but trying to stop, they may be given a methadone script. However some doctors are not keen to hand out methadone to any user. The reason being is that some heroine users may just use the prescription for a quick fix when they are out of money then develop two habits.

Also you can use filters to filter away bacteria and adulterance from your mix. This will decrease the chance of infection and save you from getting a dirty hit.