Drug law changed in Poland

Last Friday the lower chamber of Polish parliament accepted the change in the Drug Abuse Prevention Act. Now, if case involves small amount of drugs for personal use and no social harm has been done by offender, prosecutors can and should discontinue the case before starting the investigation.

258 MPs voted for, 159 against and 6 abstained.

Voting was perceded by very harsh discussion between opposition party "Law and Justice" members, and the rest.

To be honest, we haven't heard so much nonsense in parliament before: half of the MPs didn't know the difference between legalization and decriminalisation. Many of them complained about the government favorizing Mafia.

So far this was the most difficult step on the Polish way to rational drug policy. Now we are waiting for upper chamber and president to accept it, which will be easier then in lower chamber.

It may not seem like a big change, but in a country that for the last 10 yearshas punished it's citizens for any amount of any drug, with suspended sentence or even jail, it is indeed a huge step forward.

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