Drug use in different countries

I’m a nineteen year old girl who has lived in London for about 3 years now and the first thing that totally shocked me was the high percentages of people using drugs. I was disguised when one of my friends lighted a spliff on the street also when another friend snorted cocaine infront me.

Not to mention the fact I met a police man who was getting high on Friday night with his  friends. Of course I can’t judge people, because we all have a life choice, but for me drugs were always something that I was trying to avoid especially after I lost two of my  friends. One of them was violently injected with 1 gram of heroin and he over dosed and collapsed and not longer afterwards he  died in the hospital and the other one jumped off a building three weeks after he had taken LSD. 

 Because I’m a young foreign person in this country  I decided to find out what young people in different countries think about drug use. Do they use them frequently? Do they tolerate them? What were the most common drugs in their countries? So I decided to ask few youngster and I think I had some very exciting  and amusing answers.

…There is some junkies around, but mainly people drink alcohol.

Hash is a little bit more common, and amphetamine is popular amongs the youngs

well, weed is common amongst my friends, but they only smoke it once in a while …


Where I work nearly half of the  people take drugs. They do grass & Mainlt Coke  E's at the weekend . I personally  dont do them …


…I don’t do them often only rarely

I might have one day where I will take something like LSD rest of the year clean …


...I've never smoked hash, and I dont wanna try it .

When i was 18  I just had one or two drinks at the weekend.

Then when I was 19 years i went to USA  for 6 weeks, and when I came back home, i decided to live without drugs, like alcohol, tabacco, caffeine  and etc. i made it for almost 10 months, but I guess the problem was that in that time none else here, especially none of my friends accepted it. So when I turned 21 I started drinking again….


…In my opinion (based on friends) weed is the most common drug. Some of my freinds do drugs and I think all of them smoke only weed.

But I'm not in the "scene". My friends just take them from time to time..

really seldom! Most of my friends tolerate it, but my parents and their generation do not tolerate them!

I don't do drugs. I’ve done weed  few times but I didn’t get stoned from it …


….Most of the people just drink a lot I’ve taken stronger drugs but havent used them for years but people i know usually just drink and smoke weed when it’s available ,but it’s kind of hard to get it  here i think finns' favourite drugs are weed, some mix meds with alcohol and speed…


….I don't agree with drugs my brother uses too much  weed and it messed his head up a lot  and my best mate got comitted because  of it aswell…


 …  I think drugs are  stupid  and  that people that take them are stupid and pointless ...


I would love to get more comments about this subject. So people if you can be more than  kind and write few lines about your opinion I would be more than thankful.

I want more people from all around the world to get involved.