Drunk social worker offers alcohol to a detoxed patient

Craig McLoughlin, a social worker of the Sheffield Care Trust offered an alcoholic drink and magic mushrooms to an ex client who had been helped by him to leave drugs and alcohol. But that is not all, he asked the patient for drugs. The incident happened in a pub in the centre of Sheffield, when the ex client identified as Mr A was having lunch with his girlfriend.

According to the investigation carried out by the General Social Care Council, the professional was on a day off when he saw Mr A in the pub. He offered to buy him a whisky, saying that nobody could live without alcohol and that he would not tell anybody if he accepted the drink. Mr A refused the offer. But later, McLoughlin offered him magic mushrooms and asked him for weed and sleeping tablets. Further distress was caused to Mr A, whose father died when he was 13, when the social worker said “Don’t worry about your dad, I’ll be your dad”. After that, McLoughlin started to shout to customers saying he was Mr A’s social worker and this was their social work session. The confused Mr A phoned his grandmother to tell her what had happened and she reported the incident to Mr McLoughlin’s superiors.

During the investigation, the social worker acknowledged he was drunk when the incident happened and as a result he may have made some inappropriate comments. Nevertheless, Mr A highlighted the importance of McLoughlin’s support in his detox treatment.

The social worker resigned when the incident was known by his bosses and faces seven charges amounting to an allegation of misconduct.