Early Day Motion supports science based drug policy

UK MP's from the Cross-Party Group on Drugs and Alcohol Treatment and Harm Reduction (DATHR) have presented an Early Day Motion callling on parliament to debate the motion:

That this House believes that Government policy on alcohol and drugs misuse and harm should be based on scientific evidence; and further believes that the failure to do so will increase the risk to public health, in particular to young people.

The motion is a response to the dismissal of the chair of the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) Professor Nutt which has dealt a serious blow to the pursuit of scientific based drug policy.

Mike Wood MP, DATHR Group Secretary, said:

"Following the debacle over Professor Nutt, there is a widespread concern now that the Government is moving away from an evidence-based drugs and alcohol policy. An open debate about the dangers of legal and illegal drugs should be welcomed by the Government."

Dr Evan Harris MP, Lib Dem Science Spokesman and former public health doctor, said:

"Ignoring scientific advice and evidence about the harms and effects of a drug classification has serious consequences for public health and for the over-criminalisation of young people. The key priority in these areas must be what is effective not political or populist posturing"

Please encourage your local MP to sign it by contacting him/her.

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