Football star John Terry's dad is caught on camera selling cocaine

Ted Terry, the father of football player John Terry, has been secretely filmed dealing cocaine in a bar. The Chelsea star's father arranged a deal with an undercover reporter in which he agrees to hand over three grams of cocaine for £120 if he gets "treated" to an extra gram for himself. Ted who regularly vists the Essex wine bar where the deal took place stresses to the undercover reporter that he shouldn't mention that he is John Terry's dad saying "I can't have this going back".

John Terry, a father of three year old twins was recently voted Dad of the Year. This isn't the first time that his parents have brought him into the tabloid newspapers. His mother and step mother have previously been arrested and cautioned after shoplifting about £800 worth of goods. The News of the World which orchestrated the sting operation said that they  decided to act after a tip-off that Ted was mediating drug transactions in the wine bar.