Heroin: A Social Reject

Heroin, unlike most if not all other drugs, is rarely spoken about and certainly would not be an acceptable dinner topic whereas something like cannabis or even cocaine certainly would be in the middle class family that I come from. I dread to think about my mother’s reaction if I were to bring up golden brown as a conversation topic, however I am certain she would not even flinch if my brother and I were to start talking about growing cannabis or the 3rd degree gurns (as we call it) that you see on half the faces of anyone at a club on a Friday night (no matter how cheap/expensive that club may be. It seems that cocaine breaks all social barriers and is not an upper class drug as it was formerly known – I think the reason that it has become this is because upper class people have the money to shell out on large amounts of the stuff for certain events, which the lower classes would indeed do as well if they had the same amounts of disposable (cocaine) cash).

I do feel that it is the social shunning of heroin that has lead to it being such a controversial and ill educated topic – perhaps consequently a reason why society has heroin addicts – how many there are is beyond me as again these people cannot be counted as they are forced to hide away from society and turn to the only thing that keeps them going – H. Let's be honest everyone knows an alcoholic – I think you’d be lying if you said you didn’t – I believe that by default half of the women in my family are alcoholics, which is always jested about around the dinner table. However I know that if any one of them were a heroin addict they would no longer find themselves sitting around that same table every Sunday as they would find that their invites were no longer valid. After all how is heroin any different from alcohol? Apart from being a lot more addictive, they are both drugs the same as cigarettes, paracetomol and coffee, although it is the brainwashing that has gone out through newspapers for well over 50 years now that drugs are terrible things which if you take once they will screw up your whole entire life almost instantaneously. Well I’m afraid, Mr Cameron (as you personally know), this is not at all the case and is perhaps a reason why young people in society openly take drugs – after all for the first 15 years of your life you are told that drugs will mess you up beyond repair the first time you have a few tokes on a joint. Young people are far from idiots, and after you’ve seen the best sportsman in your year having a few tokes of a spliff at a party then going back onto the football pitch and playing just as well as he did or the most intelligent girl in your university seminar group snorting a few lines of mephedrone on a Monday night out whilst enjoying the music you start to realise that what you have had instilled into you over the past 15 years is in actual fact wrong. It tends to throw you off. After all if the government (and a lot of parents for that matter) are getting their facts wrong then you are clearly going to question everything else that comes out of their mouths. What I am trying to say is that the government are doing no people any favours whatsoever – least of all those that find themselves staring at a prison cell for 23 hours a day just because they got caught with something that everyone from lawyers to doctors to musicians to actors are all doing in their spare time.

A family friend of mine was in the south of France enjoying a few cheeky lines of coke with possibly the richest and most successful businessman in the UK – now surely that doesn’t make sense. The UK government certainly has never ever had the above words written in the same report – cocaine & successful - however the reality is that this is the case and society needs to realise this before half the country is put in prison. Look at the last person who tried to state that drugs are in actual fact not as bad as they are made out to be – Professor David Nutt who ultimately lost his job due to his scientific research. It is such a shame that the government continue to fight society, however the recent storms that have been brewing do at least tell me that drugs will be legalised, it is unlikely that it will happen in my time but the fact that its probably going to happen is good enough for me.