If George Michael wasn't rich and famous?

George Michael's incarceration has been making headlines across the world after he was so stoned he crashed into a shop front in the exclusive London suburb of Hampstead. While I have sympathy with George who is clearly struggling to cope with cannabis and prescription drug use, he certainly had it coming to him. 

Not so long ago, he was found by police in the middle of the night slumped in his car fast asleep after crashing onto the curb. While he only received a slap on the wrist for that one, he has finally received some form of punishment for his latest offense. However, I cant help but wonder what would have happened if it was me who was found by police passed out in a crashed car and not a famous, 100 million record selling musician who was found in the car. Imagine if i was in Brixton in an old Ford Fiesta rather than £70,000 Range Rover in Hampstead, would the police have been so lenient with me? I doubt it very much. 

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence. the disparities in punishment between the rich and the poor still exist today and the way George Michael has been treated over his last two run-ins with the police signify just how real the disparities still are. 


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