Interview with Angie Bowie

Angie Bowie was a 70’s style icon, a model and musician. She is acknowledged by many as a huge influence on her ex-husband David Bowie’s work through the most creatively successful period of his career, including his Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Thin White Duke periods. Lou Reed acknowledges her for creating his ‘Transformer’ look.

She has had published both an autobiographical work ‘Backstage Pass’ and a pocket guide to bisexuality.  She has released an album ‘Moon Goddess’.

She is the founder of Aids Be Gone which seeks to find a cure for the disease.

Q1 Can you describe a little of your life in the 1970’s for us?

Life in the 1970s was progress tumbling out all over us; sexuality was a part of that freedom both gay and heterosexual expression were encouraged.

Rock n’ Roll deconstructed boundaries. We  had no confidence in government for they had led us into the Vietnam war, had allowed apartheid to fester and rot in America and South Africa.

Our main defiance was with authority for they obviously weren’t watching what those in control were doing with the power. Sex was less forbidding and more amusing.

Q2 What impact did AIDS have on that world?

Like the lights went out. We no longer dreamed in Technicolor.

Q3 Do you think younger people, who didn’t experience the wave of deaths due to AIDS in the 1980s, are complacent about the issue?

Yes and there is a whole other haunting that has occurred. Almost as though dying of AIDS is the highest acknowledgment of one’s sexual orientation and that’s just bollocks. Catching AIDS and suffering with it and possibly dying are not the same type of thrill as getting one’s first tattoo or having sex for the first time.

Q4 Why did you feel that you had to get involved in doing something about a vaccine for AIDS?

Because no one was drawing attention to the fact that 30 years on and we have clues, pointers, markers, ideas and yet no CURE.  Not even a vaccine and Cancer is even longer and they can’t come up with a solution for that….It’s unacceptable.

 Q5 What would you like AIDS Be Gone to achieve?

There is only one aim, one mission, that is to find a cure for AIDS. The AIDS cure will stop the suffering of those afflicted by the HIV virus now and a Vaccine will inoculate future generations so they do not have to endure this killer disease.