It has haunted me forever

My story begins back in the mid ninties. I never drank or used any type of drugs while I was in high school.  I didn't smoke my first joint until I was 18.

 The first time I encountered the law I was driving to a friends and had a pipe in a bag behind the seat of my truck. I was stopped for speeding. The cop searched my vehicle and found the pipe. I was charged with possession of Marijiuna and went to court.

 The judge who handle my case charged me with what Virginia then called first offenders status. I recieved six months probation and a loss of my D.L. for a six months.

 It was a year later that I had another run in with the law. This time I was caught with pieces of a Water Pipe (or bong). I was charged with possession and went to court thinking this time I was going to jail.

 I go to court and face the same Judge. Again, he charges me with first offenders status.

 Know mind you, this isn't the only problems I had. Most of my "record" is related to driving offenses.

 It was in 1996 I was charged with a DWI. I went to court. The judge ordered me to pay a fine, serve a year probation.   A few days after this court date I recieved a letter from the Department of Motor vehicles informing me that my Liscense had been revoked.

 I applied this decsion to the court and hoped to at least receive a restricted liscense.   When I went to court the judge denied reinstatment. Before he did he informed me that he felt bad, because the law was unfair and it was out of his hands.

 I decide at this point that I needed to step back and maybe take my life in a different direction. I moved to Arkansas.

Fast Foward 11 years later.  I had moved back to Virginia in an attempt to get my liscense reinstated.

 I file the proper paper work and go to court.  The judge reviews my case and orders me into a rehab program.  Mind you this is almost 10 years after the DWI conviction and there is nothing on my recorded for those 11 years.  The judge also reinstated my driving privilages with restrictions.  I go throught the rehab program at the tune of $350 to register plus $25 for drug testing.  I go through the entire program and my case worker (not a counsler) told me I was finished.

 At this point I was expecting to be summoned back to court in the near future and have my liscense full reinstated.

 A few months after finishing the program I was on my way to work and a local Police Officer pulled me over for running a stop sign.  When he ran my drving info. it came back there was a warrenty for my arrest.  They searched my Vehicle and found what the said was a smoking device.  I was arrested and taken to a magistrate. The magistrate charged me failure to come to a stop and served the outstanding warrent. The warrent was issued in Feb. 97 for failure to comply with the terms of a suspended sentence for DWI. There were no other charges issued and the magistrate released me.  Two weeks later the officer who stopped me called my house and said " I have paper work for you to sign."  I went to meet him and was charged with Driving on Revoked and Possession of Marijiuna. Both of these charges were related to the first stop.  The magistrate this time decided to put me in jail. Needless to say I lost my job and my still valid liscense.

 When I finally went to court, the was some debate and the warrant. First off it was ten years old.  The failure to comply was issued because I never attended rehab...which I was never ordered into and no evidence was produced showing I was ordered into rehab after the DWI.  I was given the choice of jail or rehab and of course I chose rehab.

 When I entered the program, the same program I had completed a year earlier, I was told by the head of the program and my "counsellor" that I shouldn't be hear and they would help me get throught the program and quickly a possible. I just had to be honest. I told them before I took my first drug test that I would be positive on a drug test and was told not to worry it won't count againist me.  I was ordered into a group program and individual classes at the tune of $350 to enter the program and $20 a week for my group therapy, (the group program runs 14 weeks). I went to register for the group sessions and was told that I would have to take another drug test. ( I took my first one a few days earlier) The counsellor of this program had me sign some forms, one of which stated that my first drug screening is waved. I informed her I would so positive and she told me it was waved.

 15 days later I take another drug screening and i was still positive. (Mind you Marijiuna stays in the system for 30 days) After this screening all other test came back negative.

 I was two classes away from finishing the program, when I was removed from the program and ordered back to court.  My counsellor said I had too many positive tests. They produced 3 drug tests that tested positive for marijiuna and 1 test that said I had elevated levels of creatine? What the hell is that?  Also during this hearing the State produced a letter that I had supposedly signed in a rehab program in '97.  I had never seen this letter, neither had my attorney. Nor was this letter ever produced at the first trial.  (the one related to the 10 year old warrant)

 Needless to say I was ordered to serve 60 days in prision for the DWI.  Thats right 60 days for a DWI from 1996.  I lost my job and was told I would never drive in Virginia and I could never enter The A.S.A.P. program again.

 I servered 30 days in Rappahannock Regional Jail.  I now live in Florida. I can never get a liscense here, because I have to go through Virginia.  Tell me, would you wannna go throught his mess?