Segretario di partito cinese muore dopo bevuta ufficiale

10/11/09 The various newspapers brittaniche reported the news of the death of the Chinese Party Secretary for the province of Fengyang. Shen Hao, 46, resident of the village of Xiaogang and promoter of various rural development policies, has died at his home after an evening feasting with colleagues at an official event paid for by the government. Shen Hao is the third victim of a new Chinese tradition, which requires that drinking heavily with colleagues and clients is good working practice. Already in the months prior to this incident, the Chinese government has lost, in such circumstances, two senior commissioners: Jin Guoqing (47 years), deputy director of water resources in the district of Xinzhou and Guo Shizhong, Commissioner for family planning in China's central province of Henan.

The death of Shen Hao is cause for great mourning in the village of Xiaogang, perhaps because with his death ends an era of rural development, which thanks to Shen, had achieved impressive results. The China Daily confirms that between 2004 and 2008, the policies promoted by Shen had done in such a way that the average wage per-capita tripled. Shen will therefore be remembered as a promoter of development, devoted to his country and village, and not as yet another victim of a work practice deleterious. Menchemeno his image seems to blend with that of a man of middle age, with a habit easy to raise the elbow.

But let's step back: Shen is the symbol of a China that is changing and to keep up with economic development irrepressible, also tries to keep up at high rates of bevutain name of the famous conniubbo 'alcohol and work'. Culture 'Ganbei', ie 'at the top elbows' is risucita to penetrate the Chinese government promising a symbolic gain in terms of strength, masculinity and strength. The 'story of the death of Shen, which still remains a little fact in the life of a country the size of China, shows a fundamental problem of which the Chinese government should take note. 

According to an employee of the government of the region of Tianjin (anonymously quoted in the China Daily), the government urgently needs to limit this kind of behavior among its employees. Too bad that a large number of such banquets alcohol is actually funded by the Chinese government for the good risucita the deal of the day. It is therefore almost wonder if the pase is ready to lower the elbow or whether it should do the opposite to cope with stress by business and fellow British or Scandinavians, for example, already trained to perform tasks alcohol and the like in the name of profit and success of the company.