John's Story

What can I say, where do I start? Well let’s say I started on drugs at 13. I come from a good family and do. I’m now 36 and once again I’m in prison for stealing cars. I’ve been in and out and in trouble from my mid teens.

I’m going to tell you a part or an extract of my life. It starts in the year 2003 and I was 27. We awoke on a cold February morning and I’m in my worst part of my addiction.

I sat up in bed and mum’s house was cold. I looked around my bedroom at my walls all four covered in pictures and posters of The Fab Four, The Beatles.

I went downstairs which my mum was a little surprised as I hadn’t been out of my room except to eat and use the loo in 3 days and the fact that my mum and dad had said if I don’t kick the shit I’m out. They thought I was clucking. Far from it I’m afraid and that moment my mum clicked on, grabbed whatever it was, ate and gave her a nasty evil mouthful and retreated to my room looking myself in. I opened my drug box and took out my spoon citric brown crack and cooked a speedball. This was the last of my gear. Whoosh and we’re off so I wash dress and hunt for my keys. I need to go out and earn a penny (stealing cars or at the time I think Transits).

Anyway as I walk down the stairs my mum takes my keys car keys (she bought me a car a year before) and said “Jon, I can’t take anymore of your crap. I’m taking the car back here is the £900 you manage to save for the naltrexone implants, it’s obvious you’re taking the piss out of me and your father. Now don’t come back until you’re clean!”

So I’m now distraught I need wheels so I steal next door’s Vauxhall Corsa. I plate it up (change its registration to an older Corsa in a scrap yard the logbook and plates and tax cost me £50 and £20 for the ignition key and barrel). I then buy an 8th of brown and half a 6th of crack 32 clean works citric and I set off.

I drive for 8 hours to find an old girlfriend I had when I moved to Wolverhampton. Anyway, I found her and we’re going to call her Sarah. She was so happy to see me but clock or guesses my situation. All the same she asks me to stay. We spent 2 days together in bed and all’s well I get a script almost straight away and I still have £700. I promise her I’ll get clean but I find out where to score at this shed with a screen with a hole in the window blacked out but a voice asks in Birmingham Northern accent “what do you want?” so I say “ a gramme of b and £50 of crack” in my cockney accent! But coz he can’t see me and my accent he won’t serve me so that day I pay a junkie to score for me the next day. I go back and I remember so coz I used to do prank phone calls and I’m great at picking up accents so I walk up to this shed blacked out glass with the hole and say what I needed in a Brummie accent and I was dave. Bingo he serves me so I go back to Sarah’s flat.

By now I have made pals with all the junkies. Anyway ones asks me to borrow my Corsa so he leaves me £50 in security, like a deposit, but while he is out the police had been watching my car and pull him over then run the plates and it checks out but the copper smells a rat. He knows the model and the year of the plates don’t match. So he checks the vin numbers under the bonnet and the fact the steering lock had been broken but only partly repaired they guess the car is a ringer and stolen.

Anyway the poor bloke gets nicked but blows me up but he doesn’t give up my hiding place. He gets bail and comes to tell me. The prat had the old bill following. I managed to climb out a window and give them the slip. After a few days of squatting I goes back to Sarah’s where I had £500 stashed. I also found Mr. Grass and made him see the error of his ways. I saw it as grassing coz he led the coppers to me.

I told Sarah I was going back to London. So I got a bus to Wolverhampton train station and missed the London train. I had no intention of paying so I decided to steal a car. I stole a Nissan Micra and changed its plates. Well I took off the front and stole the same year and color back reg plate. I scored and drove through the night at 2AM I got to Coventry service station. I felt sick so I had a hit it must had been so much coz when I got back on the M1 I crashed into a HGV and caused multi car pileup. I was just bruised. I got out of the car first and run to the service station and stole an escort and drove into Coventry as I drove towards the city police, firemen, ambulances drove fast towards the crash. I have never known who or what followed and I to be honest never want to find out. I slept in the car in the multi-storey car park.

I bunked the train to Kings Cross and hooked up with my mates. Meanwhile, Sarah had the Staffordshire police hunting for me and West Midlands police also wanted to question me but Sarah gave me alibis for the crash but the Corsa Mr. Big Mouth got charged with the theft and he had never been to London!

After 6 months and many thousands of pounds later Sarah came back and she became a causality of heroin and prostitution (after we split). But now I was stealing like crazy any car or motorbike for money. I remember it was summer August Bank Holiday and I had been hanging around with my old pals of the time Peter and Jack. We all had warrants, many warrants. Anyway on the Sunday we had a massive earner. We had robbed a Property Letting agents and earned a grand price so we all bought massive amounts of heroin and crack.

What we didn’t know because me and Peter had been injecting for years, Jack only smoked but Sunday night Jack wanted a dig (to be injected). So bang Peter injects him and we all pass out stoned Sunday night.

I’m awaken by Peter screaming Jack is dead. Peter tells me to leggit with him. He takes Jack’s drugs and gives me half of his money but I had over £800 in my pocket. But I’m not Peter I put the cash back in Jack’s jeans and pick up my mobile 999 an ambulance is called.

Peter is long gone. I never hang out with the rat again. He did the same to somebody else too. A few years later I’m happy I’m not with him. Anyway, later that day I parcelled up and handed myself in the Police Station reeling from the death.

I did 3 months on remand and did a six month Rehab. I stayed clean for 3 years I entered the prison on August Monday Bank Holiday. That night I kicked the door shut. I refused all meds and shook and trembled for 3 weeks. I found a girl after a year clean and stayed with her for two years.

She miscarried and that started a split. Then she aborted a baby and it killed me nearly. That night we split. I slept with her sister and injected heroin and went over. If she hadn’t begged the ambulance to try electroshocks to resuscitate me I’d be dead but they got my heart going faintly.

I relapsed but I never got that bad again. I can only say this I live that year I become it and I came through it and without my mum making me get out that cold morning these things wouldn’t have happened. It takes a brave lady to say get out but I say THANK YOU MUM, I LOVE YOU MUM