Justin Trudeau calls for legalisation

Last week, the leader of the Liberal Party in Canada, spoke out against drug prohibition, citing that Canada should be following in the footsteps of Washington and Colorado for cannabis to be legalised.

"Decriminalization is a great first step [but] I'm in favour of legalization as well, because we control it, tax and regulate it, we allow for development of a medical marijuana industry."

Trudeau also explains that regulating Cannabis would mean that it would tighten the possibility of the youth getting hold of cannabis as it would take the commodity away from drug dealers, and would instead be regulated in the similar fashion that tobacco and alcohol is.

According to the 2010 Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey, 10.7% of Canadians who were above the age of 15, reported using the substance in the previous year. Looking more closely, we are able to see that around 25.1% of those aged between 15 to 24, and 7.9% of adults had used cannabis in the previous year, prior to the survey.

Justin Trudeau also added "The Conservatives base their approach on ideology and fear. I prefer to base my approach on evidence and best practices and I think that is what Canadians will respond to,"

However, this has not been met without criticism. Justice Minister Peter Mackay noted "Our government has no intention of legalization. I would think Mr. Trudeau should look at other areas in which we can end violence and drug use and end this societal ill,"

It seems, therefore, that his comments are being simply ushered away from potential talks of drug regulation by the Conservative party that is currently in power. However the elections are coming up in 2015, and it will be interesting to see how this new stance on cannabis legalisation will affect the polls.