Kazakhstan Interior Ministry wants doctors to disclose information on drug users

Yryskeldy Dzhandarbekov, deputy chairman of Kazakhstan Interior Ministry's Commission for Countering Drug Abuse and Drug Business has suggested that doctors should disclose information about drug users. He made the comment during the second meeting of the chief narcologists of Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Mr Dzhandarbekov said that "People applying to the drug addicts clinics are concealed under the medical secrecy term. I'm not saying that this information has to be disclosed to public at the first stage. There should be some kind of an agreement between law-enforcement authorities and Healthcare Ministry to allow efficient preventive work by the authorities and doctors. Doctors perform treatment and rehabilitation, while law-enforcements authorities have many methods of prevention in line with the law on preventing crimes and violations. In our opinion, performing this joint work will help drug addicts drop their addiction faster,"

He went on to say that  in other countries  joint work between interior ministries and the health care providers already exist and are more open. “"Our society is currently so closed that it doesn't want to disclose those who apply to rehabs, this, perhaps, creates some kind of fear. There are no such problems in foreign countries and when a person says he is a drug addict, the society does not turn away from him. Our society probably should also view drug addicts as sick people who need medical treatment and such addictions have to be prevented," he said.

Dzhandarbekov is not all talk though he has said that the Interior Ministry is already working with the ministry of Health and other government organisations to make this information more open.