Kick and Drugs in Georgia

A car is stopped by police officer from Special Operative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (SOD) ordering to get the arrested persons out of the car. On the footage can been seen two arrestees who are turned towards the road and got the kick hind. 

All the above mentioned details are screened by a SOD officer. Short after that the footage is posted on This is the very officer whose voice is heard from the footage who after kicking tells the arrestees that they are free to go.

Later it becomes clear that both arrested were the employees of the Ministry of Finance. The program of Week Reportage of Nana Lejava’s GNS Studio covered the story. 
The program Week Reportage shows the story that one of the arrestees (he is named) was the deputy Minister of the Finance, the friend of Nika Gilauri who gave him job first at the Ministry of Energy and than at the Ministry of Finance. The second arrestee was also an employee of the Ministry of Finance.

Aleqsandre Elisashvili, public activist and a Journalist in Georgia who runs a talk-show “Barieri” at TV Company “Kavkasia” in the Program tells the “Week Reportage” a short story that the deputy Minister and his friend were arrested by SOD officers for illicit drug use. After that Nika Gilauri, who is now the prime Minister made a phone call to the Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili and asked to let the arrestees go because one of them being his childhood friend. Interior Minister himself called the SOD officers and told to give them kick hind and let them go. The SOD officers word by word did as ordered. Aleqsandre Elisashvili got the above mentioned information from employees of the Ministry of Finance. 

A journalist of “Week Program” tried to have response from the former arrestee (his face can not be seen on footage) and asked question whether he took any action because of his degrading treatment and punishment. He told the journalist that he left the job at the Ministry of Finance on his own will and he had no comment about the kick and drugs.

According to the online newspaper “24 Hours”, former ombudsman and for now a cochairman of political unity “Alliance for Georgia” Sozar Subari at a held conference on 26 January 2010 states that “We deal not with disciplinary misdemeanor but the whole cascade of crimes punishable under the criminal law”. The case is about SOD officers’ committing inhuman and degrading treatment.   

Until now, the government of Georgia tries to have the harshest drug policy. Mention should be made on periodic drug testing that had its result as many employees fired from the government institutions. The later is one of the methods of war against drugs since 2006 zero tolerance policy announcement.

There is no accurate statistics on the number of drug users. According to the available information by international organizations and the experts in the field the number of drug users should be more than 250 000 in Georgia with a population of 4.5 Million.