Legalization or not?

The next November, voters will decide in a referendum law to legalize marijuana in this state. The first opinion polls are inclined to that this law will be approved an the cannabis will have a status similar to alcohol. The issue of consumption and the legalization of marijuana has long been a matter of social and political debate in several countries, as a means to combat drug trafficking or fraudulent decriminalize medicinal or recreational purposes. Legalization of cannabis has danger of course, and there are arguments that speak to the legalization of marijuana would incrase use among youth and children, but it is likely that this phenomenon is temporary if conteract with effective information campaigns and prevention. In fact, in countries like the Netherlands the increase was trasient and in Portugal the consumtion dropped when the possesion od drug for personal use became legal. Today in Europe deaths for marijuana use stands at only twenty people, while there are thousands who die from the snuff and alcohol.The snuff and alcohol have never been banned and are addictive, harmful products to helalth but if they have regualted their consumption and sale. No one die from an overdose of THC reportedly. There are ways to consume it to prevent combution and its effects on the lugs and is much less addictive than alcohol and snuff. There isn't lots of marijuana is deadly to the body, not like snuff which kills around 10 million people worldwide. In contrast with alcohol and tobacco, cannabis does not cause physical dependence which usually presents a sligth metal addiction, is even less addictive than caffeine. Thia California lawa that includes restrictions on the sale and use of drugs to purchase for people with 21 years, legalizes the uses of medical reasons, and possessions of small amounts of marijuana will be permtted. This law deeply into reasons to fight drug traffick and violence, but mostly relies on reason to legalize vice as happened with the law of the alcohol and in the adverse effects of marijuana prohibition are worse that the unanticipated consequences of its use, so the legalization is a better policy. I have no clear after reading this law whether my opinion is in favour or not but according to toxicology reports of this drug; if the drug legalization roules will be measured by their level of toxicity and injury to health the marijuana would be the fist grud to be legal, they show the lowest incidence for health that alcohol or snuff.