Milton Friedman on the 'war on drugs'

Conservatives are often intelligent people and are well aware of the futility of the 'war on drugs.' Milton Friedman, someone so many people on the right looked up to during the Regan and Thatcher years, lays out in this series of videos his problem with the war on drugs. He is often seen as an oddity, someone who liberal or radical drug policy reformers will mention in an attempt to give their case more credence with a sceptical middle of the road public.

There are many libertarians who believe that the current system of drug control is wrong. They are often seen by those slight pudgy figures in the middle of the road, like so many other proponents of drug policy reform ,as being a lunatic fringe.

Why are there so few solid, church going, golf playing, nationalistic pettily xenophobic conservatives signing up for a platform of drug policy reform. I just don't get it. 

Perhaps Milton has a point and perhaps with all the crunchy credit and the terminal demise of the economies of the USA and most of Europe, there simply won't really be enough money for a 'war on drugs.'

I can't see the Chinese or the Saudis paying for it, they might hang people from time to time and stuff like that but they aren't going to pay for Plan Colombia and won't get involved in any ambitious attempts to incarcerate all of the adult black men in America. 

So perhaps the 'war on drugs' is going to be slashed from budgets. I wonder what Nancy would make of this new take on reaganomics.