My first cigarette

I had my first cigarette when i was about 14 years old. By this time smoking was really popular in my school. I was really angainst it ,because i thought smoking was really stupid. Suddently one day me and my mate went for a walk and she lighted a cigarette infront of me. She asked me if wanted a pull .I looked at her quite funny and said: "Yeah why not?" .

She passed me the cigarette and I had a quick pull. I started feeling really dizzy and chocked from the smoke. To be honest I didn't enjoy it at all and I was wondering why so many people were addicted to cigarettes. For me was like poisoning your self for no reason. I only did it ,because I didn't want to look like a loser in my mate's eyes. I felt completely stupid and unexperienced,because my mate knew how to pull and how to proper smoke and so after i had my first pull she just started giggling at me.

I was really scared if my mum was going to catch me. Before I went back home I went to the nearerst shop and bought a whole pack of gums and immediately opened them and stuffed my mouth with five gums. My heart was beating like crazy I felt like I have committed some sort of crime . Luckily my mum didn't even find out about my little secret.