Why I smoked my first cigarette

The first time I tried a cigarette was with a friend from school. Various members of my family smoked, whether socially or on a regular basis, so it had never carried the stigma of being an activity which was particularly frowned upon. However, I had always been told never to smoke or even try a cigarette as smoking was bad for your health.
When I first tried a cigarette, I was not peer pressured into it by a group of friends, nor did I feel that I had to take up
smoking in order to be ‘cool’.  My first cigarette came from a packet which my friend and I had taken from his dad. My friends father smoked on a regular basis and constantly left half full cigarette packets around the house. One weekend, while I was staying at my friends house, my friend told me that he had tried smoking one of his dad’s cigarettes one night and he had enjoyed it and so wondered if I wanted to smoke one with him.

I had never really thought about smoking or even trying a cigarette, as I was only 11 at the time. But when my friend suggested we smoke a cigarette between us there wasn’t a particular thought process about whether or not to smoke the cigarette, I just said “yes, why not?”.
In the corner of my friends garden there was a gap between the hedge, on one side of the garden, and the fence, at the back of the garden, which led to an enclosed area between the side of his house and the farm building which was next to his house. My friend and I took the packet of cigarettes and a box of matches and went to this enclosed area in order to smoke.
My friend was the one who lit the cigarette, having done it before, and he and I took turns smoking it. Initially, inhaling the smoke caused us both to cough but after the first few drags of the cigarette we began to master a smoking procedure; breathing in on the cigarette, holding the smoke in our mouths and then inhaling the smoke.
After we had finished the cigarette my friend told me he would keep the packet safe in his room should we want to smoke again, some other time. Both of us covered ourselves in spray deodorant in order to mask the smell and brushed our teeth in case our parents would be able to smell the cigarette on our breath.