My first time encountering Molly

Last summer I attended Electric Daisy Carnival.  EDC is an annual electronic dance music festival held in various cities across the US usually over a three-day period.  After spending two days scavenging for tickets to the sold out event, I managed to score a Sunday ticket for only $50, when originally they were sold for $100.

With such short notice, we were unable to fully prepare ourselves for the all day rave. We met up with other friends and all tailgated in the parking lot.  Drinking our red bulls with vodka, we wanted to explore the crowd and see what we could find.  To this day, I have never encountered such a strange crowd.  You could say that a majority of the crowd was significantly fucked up considering it was only 10 in the morning and they weren’t even inside the festival yet.  But the vodka was starting to give me a buzz and I wanted to be a part of the madness.

The friends we had met up with had come prepared with their own ecstasy pills, but promised we would be able to find more inside to last us the entire day. The security to get into the venue was quite strict as they checked my bag and thoroughly patted me down.  Nevertheless, we encountered many people selling all sorts of drugs. Part of me wondered if these people could get that in, what else could have been snuck in.  But I soon stopped worrying as I heard the bass and saw the crowd.  We were able to find ecstasy immediately in the crowd as people quietly advertised their goods.

After popping my first pill I was able to relax and enjoy the music. I’ve smoked plenty of pot before, but this was definitely a different high.  It was almost as if nothing else mattered in the world but the DJ playing and the dancing crowd around me. However, that first pill’s effects didn’t last that long and I was on the hunt for some more.  Next we found Molly.  I was very knowledgeable about the purer powder form of MDMA as it is quite popular in America, especially at these sorts of events.  After I licked the powder off of my finger, I knew this was going to be a better and longer roll than I had just experienced.

It was almost as if time was moving in slow motion, and I was certainly enjoying every second of it. Bouncing from stage to stage, feeling the bass throughout my entire body, I was loving life. However, there were times when I felt incapable of standing still, almost as if I could not stop dancing, which sort of freaked me out.

Although everyone in the crowd was a stranger, there was a sort of communal belonging. Since everyone was on some sort of drugs, there was limited hostility. During one of the sets, a guy in front of us showed me what he had in his backpack. Inside, were at least 20 prescription bottles filled with blunts and other drugs.  He lighted one of the blunts and then passed it on to me and told me to pass it around to my friends.  This sort of generosity in America is quite rare. But these people I had just met, were suddenly my friends and I really enjoyed that sort of atmosphere.

The pot made the set even more enjoyable. Not only was the DJ blowing my mind, but also his light show was hypnotic.  I would shut my eyes trying to gain control over reality for just a second, but I could not escape the flashing lights. But I realized I did not want to particularly escape the madness, so I joined back in, opened my eyes, and continued dancing.  Since we still had four more hours to go and the pot made us tired, my friend and I decided to split another ecstasy pill.

During this time, I received bad news regarding a family member.  At first I did not know how to handle my emotions because I was so euphoric from the drugs and had forgotten about the outside world, but knew I should have been feeling upset about the situation. Usually, I am prone to having panic attacks and this sort of news would have easily generated that sort of overreaction.  Eventually I came to the conclusion that I was upset, but there was nothing I could do about it at the time so I should then enjoy the rest of the night.  I managed to handle this situation under the influence of ecstasy better than I would have normally.

To this day, I remember that day as one of the most enjoyable days of my entire life. Considering I consumed a large amount of MDMA, I did feel like complete shit the next day, but in no way did I regret it. I haven’t rolled since, but I also haven’t encountered a situation where I would.  I definitely don’t see it as something I would be able to do every weekend such as drinking, but under certain circumstances, I would roll again.