My horrible experience with synthetic cannabis

I would like to begin by saying that far from being a moralist preaching abstinence I would describe myself as someone with an extreme willingness to try almost anything at least once in his life. For that reason when it comes to drugs I like to be as much informed as possible before I decide to try them.  Although the sort of information I look for varies, I always try to have a chat with other users and also read a bit to familiarise myself with the cultural background of the drug and have and idea of what I can expect. Unfortunately, the last time I decided to trip I did not plan the experience as well as I should have and following the advices of an unscrupulous seller I made the mistake of buying a gram of “spice”, the synthetic cannabis.

All I can say about it is that I regret every single second I spent under the influence of such drug because a complete sense of paranoia invaded my brain leaving no space for thinking about the irrationality of my fears. All turned different, suddenly my self-confidence disappeared, I began to think that nobody wanted me, and that all my life plans were collapsing with no apparent reason. The conspiracy theory, that is, the one that explains how everybody was against you abruptly took shape in my head making me believe that indeed I had no place to go because my whole life was wasted for the drug that I had just smoked. Going back in time I could hear many voices in my head. Voices that were condemning me for what I was doing.

 And although I ignored the origins of these voices I can now affirm that they were very close to reach schizophrenic levels, dividing my stoned self in two parts the one who wanted to run away and the one suffering the deconstruction of my sober reality. In between those two there was nothing but fear of not finding a way out. I was scared to leave my flat. I was scared of listening to music because the lyrics were secret messages sent to me by people who wanted to destroy me. I could not watch TV because all the faces in all the channels seemed to recognise me. I had to lay down for long periods of time trying to stop the thoughts running in my head but nothing worked. “Spice” was stronger than me, and there was nothing I could do to control it.

The biggest problem I had with “Spice” was, in my opinion, to trust the person who sold it to me and disregard the advices of other people who told me no to try it. I was fooled and cheated just because it was legal. I remember now very well the advice of someone who had climbed the Afghan mountains. “Don’t try synthetic”, he said adding “you just don’t know where it comes from”. Nothing like the natural stuff said other people around me when I showed them my little bag of “spice”. But I did not pay attention; I succumbed to the marketing of the “spice” culture. A huge offer of different tastes and emotions bagged in different colors. In a way it was very difficult to say no to such variety of trips. And on top of that there was a bigger catch because everything was legal until the 23rd of December.

“Spice”, in my opinion, has appropriated the culture of cannabis and marketed it with out any responsibility. Close to the shop where I bought mine I saw a look-a-like Rastafarian selling synthetic weed exactly in the same form as you can get it you’re your local drug dealer. The only differences being of course that the plastic one was legal but not real while the one provided by the dealers is real but illegal. And for what I heard from a friend who actually smoke that synthetic weed I can say that his trip was far worse than mine. This made me think about the existing paradoxes between unhealthy-synthetic legal cannabis and the most pleasurable, natural but illegal one. My most important conclusion was that I preferred to risk criminal prosecution every time I went to score rather than going to the “spice” shop.

The reason for such decision is very simple. I have been using marihuana for a long time now and I have never had a problem before, never a bad trip never a hangover. However, the first time I tried a legal substitute everything went wrong. It was just like having to admit that drugs were bad for you. And that is an idea that I cannot possibly agree with. I made a mistake when I thought that “spice” could replace real marihuana because nothing in this world can take the place of a joint when you really want to have the experience of getting stoned to move beyond the doors of perception. A cannabis joint is something you enjoy, you taste, and you smell. A “spice” joint on the other hand is something created to consume, it is a new kind of Mc-drug with no substance but with powerful additives that for a while make you believe or disbelieve in the illusion of a Mc-trip.

I smoked one gram of “spice” for a fiver, the effects lasted for almost half a day and the hangover for another full day. To that I must add that it took me another couple of days to recover from all the fears I had felt. In contrast ten pounds of marihuana make a perfect evening and give me an excuse to start a conversation with any of my friends, I can relax and I can see things in a different way remembering the stories of those who traveled following the best cannabis in the world. None of those pleasant situations would be possible using “Spice” because first of all, when I was high on it I was unable to talk and secondly “Spice” comes from a laboratory and not from nature.