My last drink

My last drink was undoubtedly one of my best in a while. No more cheap supermarket cider, no, no ,no, no more paint stripping vodka, no,no, no, I am a whiskey drinker now! Yes, i’m a sucker for scotch, particularly one that sounds old and expensive and my last drink was exactly that, a 16 year old Macallan single malt…lovely. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an average tipple for me, my drinking sessions usually consist of pints of gassy lager, overly sweet rum and coke or some budget price cider, im not really that fussy. However, there is a warm soft spot in my heart for whiskey. Not the sweet rubbish that people mix with coke and acts as a electric charge tasered to your taste buds, oh no. I like the real stuff, the smelly stuff, the stuff that burns your throat. For extra effect, I try to keep the ice to a minimum as well (apparently it ruins the flavour).

I don’t  really know why I have such a fascination with whiskey. The way I talk about it, people would think ive been raised in a distillery in Scotland, but alas I haven’t. My love for whiskey is complex, probably tied up with some underlying delusion of grandeur I have. Maybe its because its something I can so rarely afford that when I have the opportunity to indulge myself, I take the opportunity with open arms. Ive also convinced myself that I look exceptionally cool when I drink whiskey, particularly when im surrounded by people having drinks which are far inferior to mine.

However, in reality my love for whiskey is clearly less “cool” than I realise. The smell is clearly unappealing to many people and more often than not, it simply reminds them of a alcoholic teacher they had or an inappropriate uncle who used to always come round stinking of whiskey. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it and I hope its something I will continue to enjoy. I maintain to this day that on a cold winters night and your engaged in an overly intelligent and contemplative conversation with someone, there is only one suitable accompaniment!