My relationship with Cannabis

As a controlled substance, cannabis is the most widely used drug in the world. The accounts below explore different peoples relationship with cannabis, from people who use it recreationally with it having little impact on their lives, to other people whose addiction to cannabis has had a life-changing impact. The purpose of these accounts is for people who use cannabis to share their different experiences of what cannabis use means to them and how each individual experiences cannabis use differently.

The articles below also reflect the evolution of cannabis use from the mild, naturally growing weed which became one of the iconic symbols of 1960's counter-culture in the West to the high-tech growing facilities and an ever-expanding variety of strengths, blends and strains which exist today. However, as the substance and its users have diversified, so have the complexities surrounding its legal status. If your experience with cannabis has resulted in you experiencing problems with the law, TalkingDrugs would like to hear your story and help inform others about the realties of cannabis use today.

The growth of medicinal cannabis has also had a significant impact on the cannabis using community with many people now able to treat their illnesses with cannabis based medicinal treatments. If you have used cannabis to treat an illness or wish to use cannabis medicinally but are restricted to do so legally, we would love to hear from you.

TalkingDrugs is also aware that while some people can happily use cannabis recreationally for years, others have negative experiences they wish to never repeat. Cannabis's use in todays society has become confused, something of a paradox. While for some people it calms them down and relax's them, in others in generates paranoia, anxiety, tension and addiction. To reflect this plurality, TalkingDrugs would also like to hear about individuals own experiences, however positive or negative, in order to create greater awareness about its uses and dispel some of the myths surrounding this ancient plant.

Please send your story to if you would like to be involved.