Nice people take drugs

Release, the campaigning organisation that specialises in drugs and drugs law, is running an advert campaign on London buses during June.  With the slogan ‘Nice People Take Drugs’, Release is looking to open up the drugs debate and engage the public in a more sophisticated and honest drugs dialogue.

Explaining why Release was moved to run this campaign, executive director Sebastian Saville said, “the constant association by politicians and the media of drugs with words like evil and shame simply does not reflect most people’s experience of drugs.  The public is tired of the artificial representation of drugs in society, which is not truthful about the fact that all sorts of people use drugs. If we are to have a fair and effective drug policy, it must be premised on this reality first and foremost.”

With this campaign, Release believes it can shift the debate on drugs and bring about more effective and safer drug policy.

Visit the campaign page for more info.