Nike’s homage to chronic?

Nike SB Skunk Dunk HI

Today sees the launch of the Nike SB’s High Premium “Skunk” Dunk.

Despite a design and name that appears to make clear reference to ‘skunk’ cannabis, Nike have placed a skunk, the animal on the inner sole of the shoe which seems strange after all skunks like Pepe Le Peu are black and white.

Whilst skunk, the high potency strain of cannabis has a number of different greens and quite often purple flowers and has silvery crystal ‘hairs’ over its surface.

The gentlemen in this Youtube clip seems utterly convinced that the design is a homage to chronic.

Skunks, the animals, are famously capable of producing a very strong smell, as are training shoes, something I am sure that Nike do not wish to draw attention too.

Products and advertising campaigns that appear to rely on drug references or drug use to sell are surprisingly common. Last year at the pop festival –Bestival there was a Rizla stage and marketeers handing out free samples, who were well trained to repeat the mantra the ‘Rizla doesn’t condone drug use. ‘ However it is hard not to believe that king size Rizla are a product purely designed to cater for cannabis users. It is interesting that in the UK head shops are under pressure for selling bongs as they are considered ‘drug paraphernalia’, however the major supermarket chains appear to be under no pressure what so ever for selling King Size Rizla.

Big corporations and big criminal cartels seem to be able to continue to behave with impunity.

Whilst the rest of us.....

By the way I love the shoes, they look great!