Cannabis Effects: A New Educational Cannabis Organisation

Cannabis Effects ( is a project that hopes to help educate young people (11-16 year olds) about cannabis and stimulate debate about its pros and cons by providing a new way of talking about it: musical lyrics.

The project was set up by Dr. Celia Morgan from University College London and Music and Change, a group that helps young offenders with mental health difficulties get support, while incorporating music into their work (

Given that cannabis plays a role in users’ mental health, and cannabis is used frequently by young people, Celia and Music and Change thought it was important to try and educate young people about cannabis in an honest way and provide young people the opportunity to discuss it openly.

The website has recently been set up and it includes a song written by Hef and Elson from Music and Change, lots of information about cannabis, links to other helpful websites, and a post-your-own- lyrics section. The song is about a personal experience of cannabis and is, admittedly, quite negative. We hope that new lyrics, which may well be positive, will be turned into similar animated videos so that the songs on the website are more balanced.

The project will involve members of the Cannabis Effects team going into schools and getting young people to discuss the ways in which cannabis has affected their lives in a candid way without judgement. Students at these schools will be encouraged to write their own lyrics about cannabis and they will be posted on to the website, where people can comment on them. Hopefully some of these lyrics will be adapted into an animated video format.

It is very important to teach young people about the harms of drugs, but also to provide them with realistic information rather than scare-mongering and lying. Cannabis Effects hopes to be a part of a new wave of fair and balanced information given to children about drugs.

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