One Cocktail Too Many


As I walked out of the cocktail bar located somewhere in south London I had to stop myself.  “Man has my alcohol tolerance level gone down” was, I believe, my comment at the time.  And indeed it had.  I had spent the evening meeting with friends from university who I had not seen for three months or so, and we had had in the region of three or four pints whilst watching pub comedy.

It may not have helped that the only thing I had eaten all day was a sandwich and an apple around 1pm, and we were rapidly approaching 11pm .  Even after the four pints, I felt relatively stable and able, it was the cocktail bar that finished me off.  I should have known that I was in a sorry state when I half fell over the step on my way for a cigarette, but that still did not deter my thirst for drink.

Now I was never a particularly heavy drinker and don’t particularly like to have to down a pint during drinking games, however I was able to carry more than four pints and a couple/four cocktails in the past.  During my second year of university I regularly drank three litres of cider of an evening at least five days a week, so it catches me by surprise when my body after months of no more than a couple of glasses of wine decides that enough is enough.

On the night in question I am glad to report that I managed to make it home without having to glimpse the falafel that I had bought from a twenty four hour kebab shop on the way home.  I did however fall asleep fully clothed, with the lights on, only to wake at 4am dry mouthed and disorientated.

The next day I forced down a greasy breakfast before my hour long train journey home.  I am not proud to report that unlike the previous days falafel, the eggs and beans of the morning made a swift upwards exit at the train station on the way home.  I was in the lucky position to be able to sleep off the awful headache before working later the following afternoon.  

Whilst I am fully aware of my limits on a normal day it seems that with the passing of time and lack of solid food to soak up some of the effects of the drinks my judgement goes haywire.  Will I do it again, most likely, as it is the socially accepted way to spend an evening with friends, and accidents do happen.