Seminarium o polityce narkotykowej

Poniżej znajdziecie zaproszenie na cykl seminariów orgnizowanych przez Graduate School for Social Research w Polskiej Akademii Nauk.

Seminaria będą prowadzone w języku angielskim, dlatego też w tym języku napisano zaproszenie.

Gorąco polecamy.

We invite persons interested in evidence-based global drugs policy to participate in a unique seminar series.  It will be the first course on drug policy held in Poland, and one of the first in Europe. The Seminars will be conducted by The Graduate School for Social Research at the prestigious Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.


This new platform will serve as a space to discuss vital issues related to the topic of drugs. The programme is designed to bring together practitioners and professionals from NGOs and related organizations with MA and PhD students, junior faculty and research staff from universities and other institutions.


The Seminars will be led by international guest speakers representing cutting-edge public policy institutions from the USA, UK, Colombia, Poland, including; Wiktor Osiatyński, Human Rights Professor at the Central European University in Budapest, Rick Lines, Executive Director of the International Harm Reduction Association, Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch, Head of the Global Drug Policy program at the Open Society Institute and other well-known experts.


The Seminars aim to introduce students to a wide variety of topics related to drugs policy, from human rights, harm reduction, trafficking routes, bio-science, and law enforcement to current international trends and institutions.


The seminar series is an exceptional opportunity to meet international specialists. The structure of the series will allow for interaction between students and guest speakers. Seminar participants will receive a certificate from IFiS PAN.


The Seminars will start on 17th February 2011 and finish in late June 2011. The meetings will be held approximately twice a month on Thursdays, from 4 pm to 8 pm.


The detailed programme of the seminars along with a list of visiting scholars and dates of meetings are available on the GSSR web page:


The Seminars are free of charge.


How to participate?



-          motivation and interest in the topic

-          commitment to participate in all 10 seminars

-          written and spoken fluency in English

To apply:

Please write a motivation letter that presents your point of view on drugs policy and the reasons why you would like to participate in the seminars at the GSSR.

The motivation letter should be written in English and sent to by January 28th  2011.

For more information contact Dr John Fells (


Note: The Drug Policy research group is formally listed as a GSSR course.

GSSR students will find more information and details concerning e.g. credits awarded for participation in the Seminars in the School’s database.