Poland's "treat not punish" law

An amendment in Poland’s drug laws seeks to allow prosecutors to send drug users to treatment instead of through the courts and to prison have gone into effect. The new amendment known by the media as the “treat not punish” approach will allow prosecutors to skip the courts and instead have that person immediately referred to a therapist.

Many have welcomed the change in the law earlier in the year Two Polish Nobel Prize laureates signed a statement demanding lighter sentences for drug users. Since the law came into practice on Friday advocates have welcomed it saying that the new system is quicker, cheaper and more efficient.

The new law offers a gentler approach to users with a small amount of drugs but at the same time it will increase the penalties on drug trafficker.

The Liberal party which got 10% of the vote in the recent general election have called for full regulation of soft drugs, the current prime minister however has said that he is completely opposed to any regulation.