Pro-pot activists plant seeds across city

A group calling itself ‘A Few Autonomous Flower Children’ have planted marijuana seeds across the German city of Gottingen in protest against the ban on marijuana in Germany. The seeds sown by the group have low levels of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. After being planted last month following a small-scale protest of a similar nature last year, the plants are now sprouting in locations across Gottingen. The group behind the planting subsequently initiated a photo competition online to spread the word and increase participation in the protest.

The photos show the plants in parks, council planting areas and, most amusingly, in front of a police station. There is no prize allocated for the competition, as a spokesperson for the group said ‘the beauty of the photos is enough’. The group took action in protest at a new law that restricts the cultivation of marijuana plants, even those with lower levels of the psychoactive agent tetrahydrocannabinol THC.

The police and council staff began removing the plants, and have to date removed 70 from across Gottingen.