Red monday, a bloody day in Mexico

On monday (17/08/09) Mexico experienced another day of tit-for-tat exucutions acrosss the country. However this latest carnage stood out even by Mexican standards. The final death toll at the end of the day was 57, of which 3 were women.

The individual state that saw the most violence was Chihuahua, where 33 people were gunned sown in a series of seperate incidents. The biggest city in Chihuhua and on the US border, Ciudad Juarez has become one of the most violent battlegrounds in the drug-war, as different cartels fight to keep control of lucrative drug trafficking routes to the US. The military has been deployed in the city and is frequently involved in shootouts with members of the drug cartels.

President Obama has recently acknowledged that the majority of weapons used by the drugs cartels originate from the US. He is vowed to bring in legislation restricting the sale of high-powered rifles.