Rising Drug Use in Afghanistan

Yesterday the UNODC published a survey on Drug Use in Afghanistan, revealing how years of occupation and fighting, cheap drugs, along with limited access to treatment have left the nation with on of the highest percentages of drug users in the world.

The UNODC classed around 1 million Afghans between the ages of 15 to 64 as regular drug users, amounting to almost 8% of the population. This is twice the global average. Since 2005, opium use in Afghanistan rose by 53%, heroin use by 140%.

The report also revealed that while Afghanistan has 40 rehabilitation clinics, 700,000 Afghans do not have access to treatment. While 90% of individuals interviewed said they were in need of treatment, only 11% had ever received any.

Finally, due to the high levels of stigma associated with drug use in Afghan society, the research process was often obstructed and the summation of obtained responses may even underrepresent the prevalence of drug use.


Read the full report here.