Russian HIV activist has been planted drugs in Kaliningrad airport

It finally happened – the thing I have been afraid the most of all since I got involved in a legal battle against Russia. As you may remember in February, 2011 I sent a request to the Ministry of Health on a possibility to provide me with the opioid substitution treatment (OST).  They refused, as the OST with methadone is prohibited by Russian law. Then I sued them in my district court with references to Constitution of the Russian Federation and International Law.
On 27th of May, 2011, The District Court of the Leningrad region did not satisfy my request for the challenging the Ministry of Health, after which I  sent  appeal to the Regional Court of Kaliningrad region. August 3, 2011 the Kaliningrad Regional Court upheld the district court. Then I was going to file a complaint with the Constitutional Court of Russia and the European Court of Human Rights.
At the same time from 14th of May I was in rehab in Ukraine.
 Yesterday, August 18, 2011, I arrived to Kaliningrad from Kiev at 2:45 pm, and just  at passport control I realized something was wrong. After getting the stamp in the passport I put my hand luggage - I had a shoulder bag - there were two of the `Kiev cake`, I personally put them in a totally empty bag before the flight. In the hold luggage was a sport bag with things that I would get.
 I was not allowed even to enter the territory of Russia – they were waiting for me and all the pass was blocked by the four men in civilian clothes, a person with the sniff dog and four women from the services of the airport.
Men in plainclothes were airport FSB officers, they showed their Ids and offered me to take a personal inspection. I was brought into a room and they made the dog to sniff these two bags. The dog couldn`t smell anything, because I had nothing. When I said that I still have a bag in the luggage, we had to go together to the luggage compartment. I found my bag, and they began a search.

Witnesses were also employees of the airport. They filed the protocol described everything that was in the bag, and concluded that nothing illegal was found to trafficking. In the bag were my usual things, and my ARVT pills. I was saying that I was taking HIV treatment. After that I was again taken to the room for the inspection – I was stripped naked, they explored every seam - found nothing. They was going to take all my pills for investigation - after my urgent request and calls to the management they gave me my medicine for 2 days. The rest was sealed and signed.
The bag with cakes was also inspected – they put them out of the shopping bag, When the cakes were reviewed, they asked for a bag, although it was obvious that it was empty. I was surprised, but gave it them, because I saw that there was nothing there. Then one of them began to shake it and a pill, as if from a sleeve - dropped, the one I'd never seen before - bright white, one side says "40", and the other is deeply divided into 4 pieces and each part was sharp like little pyramid. The tablet was also confiscated and sealed. In the report I wrote that I have never seen a pill.  Finally I realized the full horror of what has happened: I was not allowed into the territory of the Russian Federation for drug smuggling, and this pill did not appear by accident - most likely it was a drug.
I spent 7 hours at the border control, after that they took my passport. I would also like to emphasize that the search was conducted with violations. The same customs woman who searched me acted as a witness there.
I also want to say that being in Ukraine for the past two months; I’m not taking methadone or any illegal substances. My rehabilitation has been in a drug-free environment.
Today, the investigator told me that they found methadone in the pill, which I was planted.  Now I'm going to the investigator, and what happens after I don`t know.
I think that I was planted methadone just because I lobbied the removal of legislative barriers in Russia for the treatment of drug dependency by the OST with methadone and buprenorphine. I believe that this was done in order to discredit my social position, because of my attempts to promote the rights of drug users at the national and international levels, including suing in the courts of Kaliningrad.